Judging Process Overview

All Ruckus Nation judges will be evaluating entries using the same scorecard. This scorecard is based on five key criteria:

  • Appeals to kids (kids 11 – 14 years old will like the product)
  • Gets kids moving (the product will get kids 11 – 14 years old to be more physically active)
  • Keeps kids moving (the product keeps kids 11 -14 years old physically active)
  • Originality (the idea is bold, fresh, and creative)   
  • Gives kids control (the product allows kids 11 – 14 years old to be in control of its use)

See a sample scorecard, similar to the one that Ruckus Nation judges will use.

Please note that in tabulating scores, the five criteria are weighted as follows:

  • Appeals to kids [25 percent weight]
  • Gets kids moving [20 percent weight]
  • Keeps kids moving [20 percent weight]
  • Originality [20 percent weight]
  • Gives kids control [15 percent weight]

The “weights” represent the relative importance of each of the criteria -- the higher the weight, the greater the impact that criterion has on the overall score.  Therefore, out of a potential maximum score of 100 points, up to 25 points of the score will be derived from the first criteria (appeals to kids), up to 20 points will be derived from the second criteria (gets kids moving), and so on for each of the criteria.

Read more about the judging process to learn how the scorecard is used in each round of Ruckus Nation judging.
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