Who Is Pioneer Portfolio?
The Pioneer Portfolio of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation supports
innovative ideas and projects that may trigger important breakthroughs
in health and health care. Projects in the Pioneer Portfolio are
typically future-oriented and look beyond conventional thinking to
explore solutions at the cutting edge of health and health care.

The Pioneer Portfolio shares HopeLab's belief that exciting and
innovative ideas - ideas that may have the biggest impact when it comes
to improving people's health - often come from communities of end users,
including kids themselves. Pioneer also sees competitions as an
effective way to shake up conventional wisdom and encourage innovation
that may lead to new and effective solutions to health and health care

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation is committed to reversing the
childhood obesity epidemic by 2015 and believes that increasing kids'
opportunities for fun physical activity is a crucial component of this

To learn more about the Pioneer Portfolio, visit www.rwjf.org/pioneer.

To blog about pioneering ideas in health and health care, please visit

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

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