Judging Process Overview
HopeLab is a non-profit organization committed to combining the highest standards of scientific research with innovative solutions to improve the health and quality of life of young people with chronic illness.

Founded in 2001, our initial efforts focused exclusively on creating a high quality video game to help young people with cancer.  Our development approach involved a team of researchers, video game developers, oncologists, nurses, psychologists, and kids with cancer.

In 2005, this unique, fun, high-quality game, called Re-Mission, was tested in a rigorous, randomized, controlled outcomes study at 34 sites in the United States, Canada and Australia.  By 2006, results from the Outcomes Study had shown that Re-Mission increased the sense of power and control over cancer for those young people who played the game.  Additionally, those patients who played Re-Mission maintained higher levels of chemotherapy in their blood, took their antibiotics more frequently and had higher cancer-related knowledge than those study participants who did not play the game.

HopeLab is applying the lessons we learned in the development, research and launch of Re-Mission to create new products from great ideas submitted to Ruckus Nation.

To learn more about HopeLab, visit us at hopelab.org.
To learn more about Re-Mission, visit re-mission.net.

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