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The Idea

An interactive game with wearable motion sensors that make your virtual character come alive as you dance. Pick your music, record your moves, and share your virtual dance video online. You can even create group dances or test your skills by mimicking videos from other players. Plus, log onto the Dancing Craze website to see whose moves are voted number one!

The Team

Stacy Cho, 30, Seattle, Washington

Stacy is a program coordinator at Island Middle School in Seattle. After encouraging her students to enter Ruckus Nation, she decided to come up with an idea herself.

How did you come up with your idea?

"Well, I came up with it in the middle of the night. You always think of the best things when you’re sleeping, right? Kids are obsessed right now with games, with Dance Dance Revolution and Guitar Hero. We even have Rock Band at our house. I just started trying to think of what else I wish they had, and I thought, ‘Why can’t a game respond to my movements or actions?’"

What inspired your idea?

"Middle schoolers, they inspired me. I was thinking about the kids the whole time. You can run on a treadmill for exercise, but when you’re dancing, it’s fun. And it’s for every person … all different shapes and sizes.

"The kids also inspired me to come up with something to do with technology and the web. I know that they would use it then."

What appealed to you about Ruckus Nation?

"I really liked the idea that Ruckus Nation was getting ideas from the kids, from the consumer. I thought that was cool. People are really creative in thinking about things."

Stacy nominated Laurie Martin, her sister, to receive a $2,500 Ruckus Nation Inspriation Prize.

All Category Winners | Grand Prize Winner | All Semifinalists

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