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$25,000 Prize

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The Idea

A videogame with a cell-phone keypad floor mat that challenges you to type with your toes. On-screen word games require fast footwork on the mat, or you can connect the Txt It! pad to your phone for a crazy new twist on texting that keeps more than your fingers moving!

The Team

Molly Casey, age 13, Denver, Colorado

Molly is a student at Montclair Academy who owns her own business selling beaded crafts. "I absolutely love creating, I love drawing. And my favorite subject in school has got to be science."

How did you come up with your idea?

"We were discussing ideas over dinner, trying to figure out products that would get kids moving and that kids would have fun with. And I just thought – wow, kids really like cell phones, and wow, the texting craze with kids and teenagers is just amazing. It’d be really cool to incorporate cell phones into a game that would help kids get fit. And then help them learn to text, of course!"

What do you plan to do with your prize money?

"I’d definitely save it up for like maybe high school and college. I am thinking about maybe donating some of it to some charities or my school, just to help them get their fund-raising up."

Who inspired your idea?

"My mom's co-worker Natascha. She gets all these emails about different competitions from the University of Colorado, and so when she got an email about Ruckus Nation, she said, ‘Wow, Molly, you should enter this because you have a very big imagination and you can probably create anything.’ So I thought it sounded like a lot of fun and I started coming up with ideas."

Molly nominated Natascha Palmer to receive a $2,500 Ruckus Nation Inspriation Prize.

All Category Winners | Grand Prize Winner | All Semifinalists

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