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The Idea

It’s tag with a high-tech twist! In MoovDisk, a roving console drops LED-lit disks in a playing field. Race to tag each disk in teams or on your own, then upload and track your scores online to compete with others. MoovDisk has multiple speeds and playing modes, and each one encourages you to get out, have fun, and get Moov-ing!

The Team

Anthony Bakshi, age 16
Moyukh Chatterjee, age 15
Jeff Hart, age 17
Lahiru Mudalige, age 15
Matthew Warshauer, age 16
High Technology High School, New Jersey

How did you come up with your idea?

Moyukh: "Our generation thrives on technology. We know how to use it almost instinctively. By bringing it into the game, we can hopefully get kids active. I’m not exactly sure how many more hours we spent brainstorming, just sitting in our conference room writing on whiteboards, coming up with brand new ideas and putting together the best ones."

What was interesting to you about Ruckus Nation?

Anthony: "When I heard about Ruckus Nation, I knew it was something I wanted to pursue. I’ve never been in a project that was so open ended -- all that Ruckus Nation asked was, you think of the idea and you develop it, and it’s all on you."

Lahiru: "Ruckus Nation showed us how well we work together. It’s shown us that even a small group of high school kids have the potential to make a difference."

The MoovDisk team nominated Linda Grunthaner, a teacher at High Technology High School, to receive a $2,500 Ruckus Nation Inspriation Prize.

All Category Winners | Grand Prize Winner | All Semifinalists

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