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The Idea

An interactive video game that captures your moves as you dance to your favorite music. Wear wireless motion sensors and step on the interactive pad to upload a dance and show off your signature style. With Ionic Motion, you can challenge others to a virtual dance-off or just learn a few new tricks. Get up and get down!

The Team

Sophia Hibbs, age 17, Hollywood, Florida
Erving Otero, age 17, Pembroke Pines, Florida

Sophia and Erving are seniors at Flanagan High School in Pembroke Pines, Florida, who want to study computer animation in college. Sophia: "We were looking for scholarships. When we read about Ruckus Nation, we were, like – oh, my gosh, this thing’s really, really cool."

How did you come up with your idea?

Erving: "The idea originally came from our natural environment, because me and Sophia and all our friends -- we all love video games, we all love music. And I was thinking of more physical activity, not just footwork. More choreography, more athletic-ness. So we thought of Ionic Motion, a dancing game that involves your entire body."

Why do you think your product will get kids moving?

Erving: "Ionic Motion is a game that involves your entire body, basically. You don’t just touch pads, you would have to actually move. Dancing is a universal thing. Every culture has involved dance art in it, so that’s why we figured that this could be something for anybody."

Has Ruckus Nation changed the way you think about physical activity and kids’ health?

Sophia: "You’ve got to put yourself in kids’ shoes. Sometimes it’s really hard to get up and be motivated to do something. But if you get a whole bunch of things that kids like and try to integrate it into one thing, it’ll motivate them to be more physical. And it’s something they’ll have fun with."

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