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The Idea

A new way to play, away from the constraints of a TV, computer, console, or game pad. iBlob is an amorphous, fun-to-squish object that incorporates interactive lights and wireless music to get you moving. You can dance, play tag or just toss the iBlob using various game modes, whether you're at the beach, at home, by yourself or with the whole neighborhood.

The Team

Sarah Tranum, age 30, Chicago, Illinois

Sarah is a graduate student at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She plans to dedicate her career to designing products that have a positive social impact.

Who inspired your idea?

"My nieces and nephews. Now that I’m an aunt, being around their energy and their imaginations was inspiring, and it allowed me to approach this in a very different way than [I would have] if I didn’t have them in my life."

How did you develop your idea?

"The iBlob is really about getting kids moving and having fun using light and music, and breaking it away from the TV and out of having to be connected to a console or to a pad, like the DDR, Dance Dance Revolution. So this is [an] interactive system, using light, and music to get kids dancing, jumping, moving – whether it’s inside, outside, day or at night."

Does it have a personal significance to you?

"I remember playing games, and we’d love to get my grandma involved. I approached this design making sure that it wasn’t limited to only being interesting for kids 11 to 14 – they’ll love this, and they’ll want to play with it, but it also can be a family activity."

Sarah nominated her niece Kelsea Barnett to receive a $2,500 Ruckus Nation Inspriation Prize.

All Category Winners | Grand Prize Winner | All Semifinalists

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