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The Idea

A fast-paced game of strategy and reflexes that combines a force-sensitive mat, a wireless heart-rate sensor, and puzzle-based game play. Honeycomb follows in the footsteps of classic games, with an exciting new twist: the speed of the game adapts to your heart rate. Plus you can post your scores online to compete with others.

The Team

Ben Stewart, age 25, Maroubra, Australia

Ben is an interaction designer, technologist and entrepreneur. He's studied architecture and digital media at the University of New South Wales. Says Ben, "I’m interested in how play can be used for social benefit."

How did you come up with your idea?

"I first had the idea for using a heart rate monitor and a video game about a year ago. I thought that might be an interesting way of making physical activity an active part of game playing. At that stage, it was a vague idea for a potential project. The idea just sat in my notebook, untouched, until I heard about Ruckus Nation."

Why do you think your product will get kids moving?

"It’s a physical puzzle game that gets kids thinking on their feet. A good comparison is Tetris, an oddly compelling, really addictive game. Honeycomb is similar, in that it’s about sorting things, game objects, by color. The control of the interface is entirely physical, and you need to move your body around to control the game. The big twist is that Honeycomb has a heart rate monitor, which will read your level of physical activity and adjust the speed and the difficulty of the game accordingly. I think its simple, addictive game play will appeal to kids."

All Category Winners | Grand Prize Winner | All Semifinalists

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