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$25,000 Prize

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The Idea

A wristwatch with a built-in pedometer that counts your every hop, skip and jump and encourages movement by offering a variety of rewards. Set your own goals and achieve them to access songs, games and other rewards online. Plus, you can wear it anywhere for round-the-clock fun. Ready, set GO! WATCH!

The Team

Landon Pauls, age 12, Chattanooga, Tennessee

Landon is a student at Ooltewah Middle School. He likes sports, acting, building tree houses and playing with his dog, Annie.

What inspired your idea?

"Ruckus Nation made me realize that being overweight is a bigger problem than some kids actually think. They think they can just stay in and play video games and watch television and get on computers – that they’re going to stay healthy and live a good life. They like technology, and I thought that it would be cool to have a device that had technology, rewards and exercise put into it. I love thinking of ideas and thinking outside the box, and I thought it’d be cool helping kids my age."

What do you plan to do with your prize money?

"I thought I’d give some money to my youth group at church so we can have more props to do more physical activities and play games, because that’s what we really look forward to during the youth group. "

"And I’d like to give some money to some kids’ groups in our community so they can have more physical activities too. Then I’m going to put the rest [toward] college, and I think I may buy a new iPod."

All Category Winners | Grand Prize Winner | All Semifinalists

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